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German Wheel 101 With Head Over Wheels!

Does rolling around in a giant wheel sound like fun? It is!
German wheel is a captivating circus art with origins that trace back to competitive gymnastics. Incorporating elements of artistry, grace, strength, and balance, it's a mental and physical full-body workout. Wheel is unique in that it requires the performer to work in cooperation with the apparatus, almost joining as a single unit. In this comprehensive workshop, you'll rock back and forth on the German wheel, do cartwheels, roll with a partner, make the wheel spin like a coin, and do lots more. Participants of all skill levels are welcome, although this workshop is geared toward beginners. SHOES REQUIRED. The best shoes to wear are tight-fitting, lace-up, thin-soled shoes such as Converse or martial arts shoes.
Head Over Wheels Circus is comprised of Carly Schuna & Luke Emery. See their individual bios below:
Carly Schuna is a five-time and current national champion in wheel gymnastics and a certified coach through the USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation. She has performed both solo and duo wheel acts at events and venues such as the Wheel Gymnastics World Championships, the Barrymore Theatre, Overture Center's Capitol Theater, Madison's Orpheum Theater, and Chicago's Daley Plaza. Carly is a founder and executive board member of the Madison Circus Space, where she teaches wheel classes with Luke.
Luke Emery has performed and taught circus arts all around the world, including juggling, ball spinning, German wheel, and Cyr wheel. He is a certified wheel coach through the USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation. Like Carly, Luke is a founder and executive board member at the Madison Circus Space, where he teaches and practices circus arts. Luke teaches beginning through professional-level wheelers and has frequently been a coach for Team USA wheel gymnastics.

August 17, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Main Location
Spaces Left: 7 Capacity: 12
Event Price: $60.00